My Cutter Quilt Stash

This is just a part of cutter quilt stash. I have them rolled and stacked in a corner of my raggedy room at the shop. You can get alot in alittle space by rolling them. Not the best picture, sorry. I grabbed a few to bring home and wash. Going to be making more handmades with them. I'm bad and feel that I have to rescue each and every cutter quilt I see. Well someone has too. To all who have asked these are all full size quilts that haven't been cut and just a part of my stash. Once I cut a quilt a usually sew up the whole quilt. I even save the scraps and use them for stuffing. I waste nothing.


Angela said…
A great collection. Can't wait to see what you create with them. Thanks for sharing and have a great evening.
Firecracker Kid said…
Well, I think they look cool all stacked up like that. A part of your home decor doll:P
OH my gosh Kathy, I want to come and visit you. I love cutter quilts and they are not easy to find except for online. I can't wait for our storm system to blow out of here so maybe I can go to some sales and do a treasure hunt for some myself. Can't wait to see what you make
Wow Kathy, its even bigger than mine!! Are these whole quilts or pieces
They are whole quilts and just a part of my cutter collection. I have plastic containers full of cut quilt pieces. I have been buying cutters for 25 years and like I said I think I have to rescue them all. I'm bad.
I am going to try to stack like that, when the weather warms up and I can work comfortably in the garage/warehouse. I do roll quilts to take to shows...put them in a big plastic dollar store carrier bag.

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