Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Whatcha Working On Wednesday .......

Working today on a large 40+ inch around pumpkin. Made from muslin painted and sanded. I need to make its stem and antique again. I'm using a pattern by Maureen at Sweet Meadows Farm she has some of the best patterns around. And now with Etsy offering instant downloads you can be making in minutes. I love instant downloads. Click Here to visit Maureen's Etsy shop. You can also make a snowman from the same pattern. I also love 2 for 1 patterns. Maureen stenciled numbers on the front of hers. I'm going to head down to town to Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann's to see what the have for Fall stencils. Temperature at my house today is 49 degrees. Great fall like day for making pumpkins.

1 comment:

Cathyraggedy said...

wow nice pumpkin, i hope to see when is finish, thank you for the name of patterns big hugs


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