Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Finishes ......

I just finished listing some destash fabric from my personal stash. This group is all stars and stripes. Its hard to sell off my fabric stash but its time. I need the shelf space for all the homespuns I sell now. I had over 300 bolts of fabric in my personal stash before I started selling fabric retail. I was a fabric collector. My people tell me now its all your stash so no need for a personal stash. Its hard to change my ways. But its true. Plus if I sell off my destash I'll have room to order new fabric. Thats my plan. Please visit my Etsy Shop for more details on my homespun material, ticking, hand dyed muslins and osnaburg and destash fabrics I have in stock.

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Cathyraggedy said...

Very nice color,i really love hugs kathy.


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