I love Graters ......

Giving some of my graters a bath in the sink .......


I Love old graters too!
Wonderful collection you have!
Prim Blessings
Cathyraggedy said…
Oh wow beautiful collection kathy!!!i want one two hihi!!!!see you soon.Love cathy.
Angie Berry said…
Oh my goodness, love this picture! I am addicted to old graters and force myself NOT to buy any more but now that I see your collection, I'm thinking why not?!?! Haha! Do you just get so stinking excited when you find a style you don't have yet? I do, and whoever is with me at the time doesn't understand it or appreciate it. It's the thrill of the hunt baby! Ha!

Love how they are all "getting a bath", that cracks me up! I do that every once in awhile also.

Have a delightful weekend my friend~
Angie Berry said…
I'm looking at your picture again and I forgot to tell you that you have some really cool graters that I've never seen, truly love this collection!
Anonymous said…
A girl after my own heart! I have 90+ graters on my kitchen wall with few duplicates. Re-did my kitchen and was asked "You aren't going to put all those things back up there, are you?" You bet - and more!
Thanks for sharing.
Miriam Bickley - Sandusky OH

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