White Chirstmas ..........

About 2 feet and counting. I just started shoveling and I'd better pace myself its going to be a all day job.


jennifer768 said…
So pretty! Stay safe and please be careful out shoveling.Merry Christmas!Jen
Oh my! We have cloudy but 60's for the next 3 days. Please be careful shoveling Kathy.
Merry Christmas
Firecracker Kid said…
Wow! That's pretty. All we're having for Christmas is rain. Merry Christmas Kathy!
Angie Berry said…
Oh my goodness Kathy! That's a lot of snow! But at least you had a white Christmas.

The dog and bear are so adorable! Ticking for the dogs pads will be so cute!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy bringing the new year in~

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