Happy Happy 33rd Anniversary To Me

Today is my 32rd wedding anniversary and 34 years we've been together. Woo Hoo! Crocheted afgan was a wedding present from my Gramps. I don't know who had better hair him or me?


Hi Kathy, Happy anniversary, doesn't 33 years fly by fast, hubby and I just celebrated our 33rd on July 15th. Have a great anniversary, Vicky
TheRustyThimble said…
Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby
LOL on the hair I remember those days
Anonymous said…
Husband and I will have a very big anniversary 40 years! Yes 40 years!

Pamela WV
It was mine too, but yesterday, Im in Australia...congratulations...!
Angela said…
Happy Anniversary to you both and congrats. on many years together. Looks like several of us are in for the long haul. Mr. P and I celebrated in July 38 years. I think we are all in the minority as far as long marriages go. Aren't we blessed? Hope you and your mister had a great day.
Firecracker Kid said…
Aww, adorable photo! Happy Anniversary Kathy. Time flys doesn't it:-) Enjoy your day together.
Good Morning, Kathy,
Congratulations on your anniversary. I hope your day was special.

Make a thoughtful Thursday. ~Natalie

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