Whatcha Working On Wednesday .......

Today I'm working on the largest old/vintage quilt bear I've ever made, standing 24 inches tall. I did all the sewing by hand over the last three days. Its hard on the hands sewing thru two layers of quilt but I love the results. The hand sewing just makes him that much more special to me. I need my people to cut me disc so I can enlarge the bear joints I have. The biggest bear joints I have are 2.5 inches (the biggest they make) and I need 3 inch for his head and 4 inch from his limbs. I told you he was big. His arm measures 14 inches long. I'll have to be patience until my people get home from work. Until then I'm going to start on a few small bears. I love making bears. I'll post my progress.

The bowl his head is sitting in is 12 inches across. Big I tell you big.


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