WOO HOO! This evening I arrived home to find my fabric ordered had arrived. I love fabric in case you couldn't tell. I have always bought fabric for myself for crafting and over the years I managed to collect alittle over 300 bolts. I'm bad I think I have to have it all and I don't just want a yard or two I want the whole bolt. Well now that I started selling fabrics I want them all too and my one supply house has 150 different homespuns. This order was 2 boxes 18 bolts. 10 bolts are already in stock and 8 are new. I'm working on getting them all and it will take awhile. I try to keep my stock up and add a few new ones every order. I'll post them as I get them listed.


I am a fabric hoader, can't get enough of the stuff. I just went last week, have to drive over an hour, and bought lots of fabric, and then today came across more I love had to have some, you know what I mean since you love fabric also, can't wait to see what you have. I am having trouble finding homespun. No fabric stores much here and what they do have is not country enough. Vciky
Jan said…
I am a shop owner and I am now trying to get a fabric line started. Can you tell me who you order your fabric from? If not, I understand but I'm here on the eastcoast. no threat to your business. Any info will be appreciated. You can email me if you will

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