Who Says I Can't Cook .....

Today I was cooking well sorta. If you know me at all you know I'm one blessed woman as I have a husband who does all the cooking and food shopping. I thank Oprah for that. Its a long story. I could cook if I had to. I did cook the first 20 years of my marriage and everyone survived. The birds love my cooking. As I throw alot of what I cook now off the deck. I hate cooking. I'm dying fabric on the stove top using walnut ink crystals and I did have to heat it up. Thats cooking isn't it?


I don't cook either. My husband is the cook (used to be his line of work) and I am the baker. Or I try to be the baker. Sometimes the altitude makes baking frustrating and things don't come out like I expect.
LibbiesHome said…
That's my kinda cooking! Something to show for it besides dirty dishes! Can't wait to see what you do with the stuff in that pot. :)
Ahl Cooped Up said…
At first glance, I thought, what the heck kinda soup is that? LOL..
My Hubby can cook too, but I do most of it. I enjoy cooking as well as crafting.
How did you get a husband that can cook? I have migraines, and when I am down with one, my husbands idea of cooking is the nearest takeout place. Vicky
Firecracker Kid said…
OMGosh Kathy, I hate to cook too. Can do it, just don't like to. My hubby does the shopping too. Good for us!

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