Making Old Coverlet Bears .......

Today I'm working on old coverlet bears and watching Nascar. Nascar is at least 3 hours of prime sewing time. I just love Sundays. I have been making these all week and I have 3 bears done in blue and now I'm making a few in red and blue coverlet. This is the first one I'm stuffing with rags well not really muslin scraps. They look funny before they get their faces. I'll post them again when finished. GO JIMMY! GO!


love that antique overshot, sadly I get very little, lucky if I get one or two a year.
Good afternoon, Kathy,
That is just the cutest bear. My sewing machine is calling me too.

You should stop over...I think you'd enjoy all the attention that your little vintage chair has received on my Friday's Fabulous Finds post!

As you know, we were stranded during the recent snowstorm...I'm just getting caught up on blog reading and commenting. I hope you had a good week. ~Natalie
Vicky's Place said…
Your bears are nicely done. So cute!! Have a great week!

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