Cleaning House ......

Look what happens when I clean house. Ouch! Monday morning two hours into cleaning I slammed my foot into the wood trim around my laundry room door and I've been hurting ever since. I knew there was a reason I clean as little as I have too.


Angela said…
Ouch!! I did that once when I was going into my bathroom in the middle of the night with the lights off. My whole foot went into the bathroom -except for my little toe which stayed out in the hall wrapped around the door facing :) I would say you have a broken toe for sure!! I did and mine looked just like that!! The good news - it didn't take very long for it to heal. Feel better soon!!
Ahl Cooped Up said…
Ice baby Ice!
Ouch! I hope you feel better fast.
Ouch. I agree with Angela...I think it's broken too. I did the same once. Take it easy for a few days. Whoever said cleaning wasn't bad for you was wrong!!
Ouch, Kathy that looks bad. Hope you feel better soon.
Ditto on all the ouches!!!
Hope you can have the time to stay off it a while!
ooooh, ouch ooooch, ooeeee ouch!
Do what you need to to gt well!
Angie Berry said…
OUCH!! That hurts just looking at it! Goodness, I sure hope it's not as painful as it looks. I hope it heals up fast for you so you can get back to cleaning... er, I mean creating!
TheRustyThimble said…
To Heck with Ouch YUCK Kathy LOL I hope it is better now. I am an accident pron person so I know these feelings all too well..hubby tells me I do not put much thought into what I am doing and it must be my age, of course he is only joking he tries to make me laugh so it won't hurt so bad.
This is a good excuse not to Clean!! Big Hugs to you
Anonymous said…
Ouch,,,and yuck...that really hurts. Hope it is doing better..


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