Whatcha Working On Wednesday .......

Tonight I'm working on a new black girlfriend for Spring. She will be dressed in homespun and holds old quilt flowers. I need to add her color and let her dry overnight. I'm hoping to get snowed in tomorrow and work on her all day. They are calling for 8 - 10 inches last I heard. We'll see.


Can't wait to see them all painted and dressed! be sure to post for us. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!
Thanks for sharing.
Prim Blessings,
Like your collection of vintage tin cookie cutters! Good luck with the dolls............TALLULAH'S
Good Morning,
I can't wait to see them all done up...your dolls are always amazing. We are under a winter storm warning here too. I am in the mood to sew too.

Have a thoughtful Thursday ~Natalie
I look forward to seeing these
"girlfriends" when done.
Good luck on the snow! lol we here in eastern Ut are having new snow this orning. A bunch and still comming. Winds are forcast,& if they come we'll be snowed in.
Happy painting and sewing!
Can't wait to see the finished dolls! They look so cute already!
Angie Berry said…
Sounds like she is going to be adorable! Can't wait to see her.

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