Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I'm working today on finishing up my old quilt pumpkin head girlfriends. I have made them in the past and they are one of my all time favorites. I have never made them from old quilt. I think they look great. I used a old army blanket for their dresses. No matter how I folded that blanket there was only enough to make 5 dresses. So after dragging my feet for a week I decide to make the last dress from a old seed sack. I'm off to soak it in some coffee ...... They should be looking for their new homes soon.


Janice said…
Love them! They came out so good!! =)
Welcome! said…
They look fabulous! They are going to fly out of your shop! :) :)

Have a great day,
I hope you post a picture of your feedsack dressed pumpkin! Your dolls look fantastic!
Wow! They turned out Primtastic! I love 'em:) WTGG!

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