How I Make A Shower Curtain ......

This is a must have.
As you can see its already pre folded. I leave it as it and pin in place where I want the pocket to be for the rod.
Then sew it in place. I sew it close to the edge, this way it fits the rod nicely.
I leave about a 2 inch space at the top. You can judge this by the border on the quilt.
I love repurposing and using old quilts for shower curtains. Most are the ideal size.

I made this one for my Americana bathroom.


What a great idea!! Thanks for sharing :0)
Cindy B said…
I love this idea.. ..came across an old quilt at a rummage sale the other day that would work great..never even thought of doing this..many thanks!!
Maria said…
Cool. You're full of good ideas.
OMGosh... I love these and I need a shower curtain real bad. Do you sell them?

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