Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I'm working on nothing fun believe me. My people did something to his computer like bad, like crashed it so I started at 7 this morning and did a complete recovery that took about 4 hours then it took me about a hour to get his e-mail account set up. I took a break in the afternoon and rode to town for appointment with my people nothing fun a doctor's appointment. After a stop at RACK RAT'S a cool antique shop here on Broadway and dinner at our new Golden Coral I'm back at it. I started at 6:10 and we had 64 updates to get and we are only at 7% in a hour, this could take all night. I'm off to watch Minute To Win It. Picture is of my anniversary flowers from this past weekend, 33 years and counting. Here's hoping for many many more.


Love your flowers! They are so pretty. I hope you have all your computer problems fixed by now!
I probably would have had a breakdown! I have no idea where to start with computer problems. Nice stuff, Kitty.
Angie Berry said…
Happy belated Anniversary! How wonderful to have that many years together!

I hope you have your computer problems solved by then. That really stinks when it happens, such an inconvenience.
Angie Berry said…
I guess I shouldn't be typing so late... I meant to say "I hope you have your computer problems solved by NOW". Ha! =]

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