Whatcha Working On Wednesday

At the moment I'm working from home on listing the last of my fabric order. Boy that took awhile, maybe I shouldn't order 19 bolts at a time. I still have fat quarter bundles to make but that will come in time. I haven't added anything new to my website due to still waiting for the server upgrade. I can't wait to update my fabric pages. So until then please visit my Etsy shop to see all of my offerings.

Later I'll be at my shop and I'm hoping to get a chance to work on a Annie I have in the works. She's suppose to be Americana but I have an idea to change one or two of them up abit. One hint I'm going to give her a piece of old quilt as a nose then we'll see where it goes from there. Sometimes my girlfriends(dolls)have a mind of their own. I want to do one thing and they want something else. Those of you who make dolls know what I'm saying. I'll post her progress.


Firecrackerkid said…
Now I like those fabrics and the colors. Nice:)

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