OFG Monday Marketplace Featured Etsy Artisan Rabbit Hollow Prims

Wow where did the week go. Its time again for the OFG Monday Marketplace and this week I'm featuring Sue from Rabbit Hollow Prims. Sue specializes in whimscial primitives with a whole lot of additude having 146 primitive handmade cloth dolls to chose from. I just love her work and you will too.


Rabbit Hollow Prims is one of my favorite primitive artists! Thanks for sharing her work with us on your wonderful blog! ~*~Lisa
Jody said…
I just love Sue's work....very nice feature!
TheRustyThimble said…
Great Feature this morning I admire Sue's work she has an awesome shop.
Firecrackerkid said…
Sue has the market cornered on doll making. She's a doll maven for sure. Thanks for featuring her Kathy:)
Sue does such great work and is such a wonderful, giving person to those of us just starting out. What a great feature!
Wow thanks for the feature :) I am flattered and thanks for the kind words :)
Great featuring Susan from Rabbit Hollow. Her work is phenomenal !!!

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