Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I brought this home last night from the shop to paint and I just finished it. My people (thats what I call my family )helped me with the layout. My youngest son came up with the design and my oldest son had the model tape for the stripes. They both give me grive all the time for painting flags on everything. I love having boys and they are a big help to me in many ways. I was told by them I need to think outside the box and change up the stars and stripes. So I did, thinner stripes. Whatcha think? I love the way this turned out. It did take me awhile to get the stripes taped but I think well worth my time. I wish I could free hand paint but I can't. It is looking for a home on my Americana page so check there for more details.


I love your Americana can! It looks great :)
mornings322 said…
That's really cool. Great job!
Beansieleigh said…
LOVE this!! It came out beautiful! ~tina
Well of course you would know I love that can! It turned out beautiful! :0)
Carol said…
Well that's just great Kathy:) Boys will be boys, and giving you grief is only 'cause they love ya. Give 'em grief back and give 'em a big hug. LOL.

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