Whatcha Working On Wednesday

WOO HOO Today is a snow day. We have about 6 inches so far so I'm staying home. My shop is about 15 miles from my house and the older I get they more I stay home when the weather is bad. No one is driving up the mountain in the middle of a storm everyone is home like me. Here's the flag afgan I'm working on at the moment. This is the third one of made. I just love them. I did the star and navy part first being its the hardest part to me. And its tons of ends to work in. I like to try to do that as I go. The strips are the easy part. I just have to decide how wide to make it. So in between shoveling I'm crocheting. I'll post my progress.


Boltz Raggedies said…
Wow!!! its 90 some here in pa with the ac cranked up!
Carol said…
Ah Kathy, snow... we've had 80 degree weather with the ac on, but today it's raining and no ac.
This is gonna be a beauty when you're finished. God Bless America!

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