I JUST JOINED .........

Craft is Art it's a marketplace to buy and sell unique handmade Crafts & Arts. The one-stop venue for Artisans and Crafts Lovers alike. Join the fastest-growing place for enthusiasts of the handmade business. Buyers looking to buy Unique Handmade Items and Sellers Crafting those items into life. They offer a free account and bonus you can import from your Etsy shop. Here's my Kittredge Mercantile shop I made. I took the free account. Duh! I love free and 25 items is plenty to start. I decided to just sell homespun fabrics there since I'm limited and its easier to keep track of the bolts. They also offer a Pay-As-You-Go account and a $6.99 flat rate account. Stop by and check them out it only took me an hour or so to set up my shop. If you've been wanting a shop now might be the time.


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