Whatcha Working On Wednesday


Here's the last two old blue quilt bunnies from this quilt. I finished them this morning and the quilt is gone. Makes me sad it was a nice cutter. I have a new quilt I'm hoping to start cutting soon. Its a large pattern so I'll be making my 18 inch bears. Its mostly blue and white with some red here and there. I'll post pictures when I start. If you'd like to visit the bunnies you can see them on my website and on my Etsy site. Etsy is a great place for all things handmade and a great place to shop for handmade, vintage or supplies. Its one of my many addictions............


Leslie said…
He's adorable! I have loved all of your creations from that quilt! I can understand why you would feel a little sad...but I can't wait to see what you make with the new one :)

Carol said…
Grungy and Gorgeous. I Think of all the ones to be created. Remarkable!

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