Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Since Friday I've been working on making rabbits out of old quilt. I'm working on three. This is the first one I've finished putting together. Here's a peek at her. She's a darling.

Before my coffee bath.

After my coffee bath. Just sitting here all happy.

Look at me now. Even us girl rabbits have to roll our ears sometimes. I'll post her again when she's all dry and sanded and looking for a new home.


The Brickhouse said…
I love her!!!
Melissa Bowman said…
She is so cute, what a good idea making her out of a quilt!
kim* said…
cute! i like that its up cycled makes it so much cooler.
Carol said…
Oh my gosh! I gotta have one of her:) Excellent Kathy:) Hugs~Carol

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