One Of My Favorite Things ..................

I'm often asked what I collect so ........ I thought from time to time I'd share a few of my favorites. When I first started collecting one of my favorites was tin heart cookie cutters and I still feel the same today. Its funny because I'm not really a heart liking kinda girl. I do have a few large heart tin molds I'll try to share next. Here's my lastest one I just purschased off E Bay. I love E Bay and snow storms. Then I get a snow day at home and its prime shopping time. I don't so much like the bidding I'd just assume to buy it straight out. The last picture shows my bowl with my tin I keep on my kitchen table. I also have coffee scoops, tin molds, star cutters and whatever other tin I find in my travels that I think I have to have in it. At the moment I look for tin with advertising on it. I'd better get in gear and head over to open the shop I need to be open by noon. Its beautiful here today in the 70's. Do stop by it your in the area. I'd love some company. If not visit me anytime on line.


Carol said…
Hi Kathy! Of course you need shopping days too:) Those are some impressive old cookie cutters. Nice collection. I need to start me one too. To date I only have Better get in gear, ay?

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