New Vintage Cutter Quilt

Here's my new cutter quilt I'm cuttting on now. I like to cut them start to finish. This quilt being a large pattern will be made into 18 inch bears. All the blues are awesome and some great patterns. I look pictures and I'm hoping to make a few backgrounds. As you can see from the picture the whole edge is a lost. After cutting off the edge on all four sides I was able to get 4 bear out of what was left. I was able to use the back side of the edge for their paw pads. Whats left is in the bag I never throw scrap away. I'll use it for small pieces or for stuffing. I've had quilt menders ask for my scraps for patching. One mans scrap is anothers treasure. I'll post my progress.


Carol said…
wow, that's a nice old one. how many bears ya think you'll get ot of this one?
Hartley said…
Wow, your going to get some loveley bears out of that! I can wait to see them, your work is just higable!
basketsbyrose said…
New finds from someone trash, and the scraps find new homes. In the end it stays out of the land fill.

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