Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Today I worked on finishing my crossstitched piece I did over the weekend. I added a quilt back by simply sewing it in place. I use a blue marker and a ruler and draw a line all the way around the piece. This line becomes my stitching line. The blue line disappears when wet. I doubled stitched around the whole thing. I then stuffed with osanburg strips. This is why I save every little bit of fabric. The fabric stuffing gave it a different feel. Its on the flat and heavier side. I stitched the opening closed and coffee dyed. I left it on the sink to dry. I can't wait until tomorrow to see how it dried. I handstitched this piece using a FREE design by Primitive Bettys.


I am absolutely admiring of people able to cross stitch..I've never been able to do it...it makes me cross-eyed, but I love cross-stitched pieces.
PriviesAndPrims said…
Wow, I just went through the whole list of free patterns and found some great ones. Thanks for sharing!


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