I'm Still Crocheting ........

I've only made two so far but aren't they darling. I just love stars. I think stars have replaced hearts. Guess what I made these out of? I repurposed if that helps. Something my Gramps used to make rugs for our basement. Okay give up? I made them using a plastic bread bag. You just cut it into one continous strip and crochet away. I only had one bag. I guess I'd better get busy making sandwiches or maybe my favorite peanut butter on toast.


I love them! I'm a HUGE fan of peanutbutter on toast! THAT would be mt choice for eating the bread!lol
Enjoy your day.
Leslie said…
I love stars, too! Your stars are very cute and a great way to recycle!!

I love peanut butter toast with some cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top :)

Have a great day!

Carol said…
Hey now Kathy, that takes a quite a bit of handi work gal. It sounds like you enjoy it so start eatin' those PBJ sammies! LOL. Great idea! Hugs~Carol

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