Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I'm home today getting a snow day. Yeah! So I'm doing alittle crocheting. I love crocheting and its the first craft I learned from my Gramps. I also love that you don't need a ton of supplies. Bonus! Use what you have on hand and it always seems to work out. I'm working on hearts and stars. The heart is out of cotton twine and the hearts are out of jute. The jute is alittle different to work with and its hard on your hands. The large stars are from a three ply jute and measure 5 1/2 inches. I also have a small jute and those stars measure 1 1/2 inches. I love using different threads and needles and seeing what I get. I crochet neverly every night. I always feel the need to be doing something. Something other than housework that is. Funny how that works. I'm going to be selling these as singles, in sets and garlands. I'll post again when I list them. I'm off to shovel abit and then its back to crocheting. I hope everyone is having a safe, fun and happy holiday!


Kitty said…
those are beautiful! I tried to teach myself to crochet once without success...maybe I should try again. :) Merry Christmas!

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