Made My First Minature Bear ............

I have always wanted to try my hand at this. I received this minature bear kit as a christmas gift. Of course I bought it myself then I said who wants to give me $12.00 and then give me this for christmas. Works every time. I see why they bring so much money. I know it was my first one but it took me about 8 hours or so to complete. I had to get my oldest to help with the stuffing. Hence the tattoos. He did a way better job than me. I'm not that good with little things. He's only 2 inches tall when sitting. Once you've sewn him and his all done by hand then you paint him with a mixture of watered down glue. I started him on christmas and worked on him for 6 hours or so then I finished him up the next day. I'm pretty happy with him and I'm keeping him all to myself. After all he was a present. Why the watered down glue? It matts his fur together to help with his primitive look. I did buy the kit from Emily Christine over on Etsy. Stop by and get one of your own to make.


Carol said…
Oh Kath, what a clever gal you are:) I'll have to remember that "get a gift" technique for next Christmas. You did a wonderful job on the little guy. Have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year luv!
that is the cutest bear but may I ask why you put the glue on him? Do you have anything in the glue besides water. carol

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