Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Ok so we lost 5-1. Good thing we play again tomorrow. I did finish my snowmen Henry. Well I made two snowmen and one snowgirl. She's darling and dressed in a vintage sailor dress. The third snowman not pictured is dressed in red long john's and a old quilt jacket. He's over on my Winter catagory looking for his new home and the two pictured are over on my Etsy shop looking for their's. Visit when you can they would love the company. I have one of my crocheted wool bears down in the washer. I'm watching the Dodgers game and him at the same time. I'm trying to felt him. I have washed him many times in hot water over the past several days. I have never felted crochet before. Whatever he looks like tonight is what he's going to look like. I'll post him when done.


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