Vintage Crocheted String Pattern Cloth Button

I thought I'd share this with you. Sometimes I have to wonder about myself. I just signed up for a ebay account and let me just say I'm hooked. I've been bidding like crazy and I have won a few items. The above picture is one of the items I bought, it was a buy now for $2.95 plus $1.50 for s/h. It arrived and to my surprise it was a button. I was expecting a pattern to make crocheted buttons and not a crocheted button. The price seemed right for a pattern and the shipping too. It was a good laugh but really I do need to read things better I guess.


Oh My Goodness....I thought there weren't other people out there like me! LOL What a shocker when youo opened the package huh! Well, give it a place or honor! lol
♥ Mercy
Carol said…
Hi Kathy! Well, it is an interesting button indeed. I did have this experience once myself as an Ebay newbie. So you're allowed one or two. lol. HUGS!
Carol aka firecrackerkid
Krissy said…
I have done that before! Tooo many times. SOmetimes it's hard for me to believe I"m 24 when I do stupid things like that. LOL

BUT when I first read it, I was sure it said PATTERN too.
Cindy B said…
..my mom used to crochet stove towel hangers, using her own crocheted button pattern. I never learned how but imagine it is special! I have done the same thing on ebay..( sometimes my fault, always a surprise..ha ha!)

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