Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I'm working on my first attempt at making a crocheted minature thread bear. I don't how minature he is at 5 inches tall suppose to be only 4. I'm making another so I'll try to follow the directions alittle better. It takes awhile for it to come back to me after not crocheting for awhile. Its all about the tension. Its hard when its worked in rounds and not rows. I don't think to bad for my first try. I'm going to coffee dye him tomorrow. I'll post him again when he's ready for a new home.

I also added these great calicos to my Etsy shop just in time for your Americana christmas handmades.


Love your bear! Looks like it would be hard to make. You did a wonderful job on him.

Liz said…
Your bears are so dare cute!!

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