Another Bear .....

I told you the trouble with making bears is its addicting. I can never make just one of anything. Here's my latest he is 23 inches tall and somehow he's 2 inches taller than the last one I made. He's one arm also appears to be longer than the other, it is but just alittle. I think its just the way it lays. If you put them together they aren't that different. Wierd! No weirder that how is he 2 inches taller than the last one I made. I use the same pattern. I have no answers. They truely are one of a kind with a mind of their own. He is over on Etsy looking for his new home.

I also added this vintage graniteware coffee pot to my Etsy. Etsy is a great place to buy and or sell everything handmade, supplies or vintage.


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