Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Today I'm working on painting a few americana scales. These scales were found on my trip to the world's largest yardsale. I'm going to let them dry over night and tomorrow I'll sand, antique and seal them. I'll post them again when finished. While I'm waiting for the scales to dry I started working on a new old quilt bear. I'm making him from the blue and white quilt I showed you in a earlier post. I'm off to sew awhile before its time to go home.


I really like the old scales the way you painted them. But I like old scales in any condition.
carol from primitivecountrytreasures.blogspot.com
warmheart said…
Hi Kathy, Just found your blog (as you hearted my etsy shop - warmheart craft) Glad I checked you out as it lead me to your blog and what a find! LUV LUV your stuff. You have some great links and info for me to follow - thx - Janelle

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