Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I'm not working on anything much at the moment. I always like to get things in order before I head out of town. I'm working hard on getting things straight before I leave, around the shop and at home. Its a good excuse to clean things up that have been hanging around unfinished. I wish I hadn't started the whole new washer thing but it is what it is. Who would of thought a brand new set wouldn't work. I have never had happen before. If has forced me to do my research. After some thought tomorrow I'm going to return the first washer and dryer set I bought. Duh! Then I'm going to be ordering a new set and I've decided on Samsung front loaders. I've always had a top loader and its hard to teach a old dog new tricks. But I'm willing to change and I'm gald I have one of my old top loaders in the gararge just in case. I use it for dying and washing all of my cutter quits and in this case I'm using it for my clothes. Its been a life saver. My husband is going to up date the laundry room while I'm at THE WORLDS LONGEST YARDSALE at the end of the month. Lucky for me my husband is a plumber. We leave a week from Friday and I can't wait. After I return the washer/dryer I'll be at the shop in the afternoon. If your around do come by.


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