Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I posted these drying last week boy where does the time go. I just finished hand stamping their tags. Don't you just love hang tags. I did end up dry brushing them with barn red to add alittle more color to them. I made them using a pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives. Stop by my Etsy shop or my Fall catagory for a closer look.

When I got home this eveing and showed my people what I'd posted my youngest said what does that tag mean by the 1700. I told him its just a date, I followed the pattern. After I thought about it I'm going to stamp another tag tomorrow to read Harvest Apples 10 Cents, then you'll have the choice of which one to display.

I also added these darling paper mache pumpkins to my Etsy shop. I made these with the help of my oldest son. A great addition to your Fall decor.


Liz said…
They really came out lovely. I like the barn yard red you use.Awesome tags!
You did a terrific job on the apples and pumpkins. VERY CUTE!! I know exactly how you feel about time flies especially when you are working on craft projects. Can't wait to see your new fall items!
Hey Kathy,
Those apples look good anough to eat! :0) Nice job! I love the punkins, too. Are they your design? They look really neat!
I hit the wrong key and misspelled "enough" wrong in my last comment. Sorry about that! LOL
Jennifer said…
Great job! Makes me want Fall to hurry up!
Jennifer Dalenberg


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