wAsHiNg mAcHiNe bLuEs

I bought a new Maytag Centential washer and gas dryer. I picked it up on Friday my husband hooked it up on Saturday, Sunday morning my old set was given to a couple whom I found when I listed it on Craigs list. Sunday night I washed my first load and it seem at the time that the machine was out of balance. It was very loud, shaking and it walked itself a foot or so away from the wall. When my old washer went off balance it buzzed and then stopped not this one. I should of known it was going to be trouble. I left it sit until this morning. This morning I tried again to finish washing the same load. I had to remove half of the clothes to finish that load and then finish the half I took out. I'm thinking this isn't going to work out. It took me awhile to figure out it was the machine and not me. It goes off balance with only one thing in it. So I have to take it back. I since have done alittle research and it seems that I picked one of the worst rated machines. Lucky me. I did take a 5 year waranty. Doesn't matter now its going back something isn't right with it. What I need to know is what kind of machine should I buy. I like them plain and white. I don't have room for much. I have more like a laundry closet than a room. I also found out the set I bought is last years model. I should of got a waaay better deal. I'm batting 100. I'm lucky I have a old washing machine in the garage so I'm not without but still bummed. So leave me a comment. I need help on what to get now? I have to get something before I leave at the end of the month for THE WORLD'S LARGEST YARDSALE. Help!


A repair man once told us that Frigidaire are the best and most reliable. We just bought a front load washer and dryer a few months ago. I love ours. Hope this helps.
Hi, We live around the corner from you in Evergreen. :) My husband works for Specialty Appliance in Denver and I will show him your post when he gets home tonight. He may or may not be able to suggest something.

He used to work for Sears and Appliance Factory Outlet (we don't recommend AFO. Some of the popular manufacturers have banned AFO from selling their appliances.)
Hubby says to check and see if there is any shipping strap or rod in the back of the washer. They are there to prevent the drum from moving during shipping. They are supposed to be removed and that would definitely cause the washer not to work right. He doesn't personally know that particular washer, but said to check for the strap/rod first before taking it back. Or call service to come take a look at it before trying to send it back (depending on where you bought it.)

If you or your husband would like to talk to him, he'd be happy to help further, if possible.

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