All Finished

I finished working on my pumpkin head dolls just a bit ago. Aren't they darling?
They are on Etsy and my Fall catagory looking for their new homes. Take a peek. Their twine wrap in the front reminds me of school back when we had safeties. I had a safety belt just like that when I was hall monitor. I was so cool. I'd better quit showing my age and get back to work.

As soon as I finished my pumpkin heads it was on to my next project.
I had to try my hand at stamping a sign. I use a cabinet door as the base.
Painted it black and white then I taped off the white to try to help keep the letters straight.
I see I have alittle more space left on the right side than on the left. Oh well, its primitive.
Not bad for my first attempt.


Debra said…
Hey there! Your pumpkin dolls caught my eye right away because I'm working on some too. Mine are not done. Not even close!!Love your work!
Debra, from Monnie bean

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