Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I'm working on listing my latest quilt bear. He's over on my Old Quilt catagory looking for his new home. His brother was one lucky bear and has already found himself a new home. I love working with old quilt, each one though made from the same pattern is a one of a kind. This one has a mind of his own and was alittle top heavy when finished so I had to sew his legs to his body to make him sit nicely. Its funny how you make them all the same using the same pattern but they all turn out just alittle different. Nothing is perfect. Thats why I love primitives.


Love your new Bear ..He's a way Cutie !! Bet he won't last long !!!

I just finished up my first Soft Doll today ..Flora Bella ..

She's on my blog and I am so pleased with how she came out !!

Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm
Yes I love this bear Iv been working on a primitive snowman .carol

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