Whatcha Working On Wednesday

My post should read what aren't you working on Wednesday.
I have alot going on at the moment. I hope to get to some of it today.

Need to organize abit.

Red Quilt Bear I need to add to Etsy.
My last two listed there were lucky enough to find a home together.

There are the bears waiting to be finished.
I love the black doll holding them.
She has been hanging out just waiting for a purpose.

Then theres this guy hanging out waiting for his tie to be tied.
He also looking for a home on Etsy.
What a face!

Before I came over to the shop today I drove to town to pick up this load of gym baskets.
It was a 2 1/2 hour round trip.
They are available for local pick up only.

Thats enough for one day. I have worn myself out. I'm off to eat popcorn drink Pepsi One and watch Ellen while I work on some of this.


Leslie said…
The little red and white bear is cute and I love the little black bears, too! The gym baskets are very neat.

Hope you're getting a lot accomplished today :)


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