Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Today I took new pictures for my shop tour. I have been working alittle each day on my displays. It was long over due. Take a peek when you can.


Sweet Magnolia said…
Kathy Your displays look Awesome ..such talent you have ..

Hey thanks for stopping in at my blog ..so sorry to make you sad with my Puppies ..LOL !

I will try and get some old pictures out and scan them of when they were young..that was long before I had a digital camera ..so it was all 35mm then.

You're Linden Apiary Jar ..I have one of those sitting right here on my inventory shelf ..how funny !

Hey ..I haven't been selling on Etsy for very long and here that getting in a group over there is good ..are you in a group ? and if so how do you go about joining a group on Etsy ?

Well have a Great day ..

Blessings ..Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm
Cheryl said…
Love, love, love your shop! Hope I can see it in person someday.

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