I Couldn't Wait......

I'm bad! I couldn't wait until Monday like I was going to, to change my website around. I know its not even Easter yet and I have seen my last bunny. If you know me you know I love americana so I couldn't wait a minute longer. This is a picture of one of the flags I have made from old fence. I have several to chose from and due to their size they are available for local pick up only.

To those of you who subscribe to my blog the last few updates you received were a mess. I'm so sorry. One was when I updated my website. I didn't realize that every time I change a graphic you get a e-mail so I have removed that url and I hope that solves that problem. I change things alot and that seems like a real bother to me to bother you with that. And the other was a slideshow of my newest shop tour. I took almost 50 pictures to share with you. I didn't realize I couldn't add the code for the slideshow and I should of added a link. Live and learn. Please visit MY BLOG and see the post you missed its right below this one. Sorry for the inconvience. Kathy

P.S. Happy, Happy Easter!


Cindy B said…
I Love the flag...and the rusty stars you used with it...very nice!
Liz said…
I love the work you did on this flag

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