Just Wanted To Share

I just wanted to share with you a great site I just found, The Quill & Well.The Quill & Well was developed and written by Beth Merryfield of Primitiques, Ltd. and Stephanie Monahan of Samplers Country Collectibles, LLC & Monahan Papers. They developed this newsletter as a result of a void in marketing for handcrafted goodes by American artisans within the field of American Country. Feeling frustrated that American artisans are rarely recognized on a far-reaching plane, they felt compelled to design a vehicle to introduce American artists to the buyers of our marketplace. Hence, the birth of the newsletter, The Quill & Well. Stop by and visit there are some great articles, artist, and more. I just loved looking at all the dolls. And you can visit actuall shops. I love that having a shop of my own. Its a great way to get around without leaving home. Do visit!


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