Whatcha Working On Wednesday

This is Chipper my latest primitive handmade. I'm making him using a pattern by
Olde Homestead Barn. I showed him to you in a earlier post. I had to re dye him and he has been behaving ever since.

If you know me you'd know I never make just one.
I'm making three. One for the shop, one for Etsy and one for my website.

Here's one finished. He's cute and a very easy pattern to follow. I'll post again when they are ready for new homes. I'm hoping to finish by tomorrow. They don't need much but they will have to dry over night. Thanks for looking.


Leslie said…
Awww...he's a cutie! I love his ears and how they curl around like that :)

Mignon said…
Yeah, totally adorable, love the ears!!!!!!
Liz said…
I just love how he turn out!

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