Whatcha Working On Wednesday

I painted these bunnies and left them to dry over night. Mistake. They dried a mess. I didn't like the way they dyed at all. If they would of dried all dark like the legs but they didn't. So.............

I just re painted them, more water than paint. I used a darker brown to start with, hard to tell in the picture. Then I used a paper towel to remove alot of the moisture. I'm going to keep my eyes on them and turn them from time to time. I'll post again when I start to trim them. I'm working with a pattern from the Olde Homestead Barn.


Leslie said…
The bunnies are cute! Can't wait to see them dressed :)

I quit letting stuff dry on it's own because of the very issue you had. I would tea or coffee stain something only to wake up in the morning and it would be a mess. My oven became my friend! LOL

Have a great day :)

Liz said…
I love a challenge I’m sure they will come out find

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