Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Here's what I'm working on today. This is one of my favorite Americana pieces to paint. Its also easy if you take the time to tape it off. I just use regular masking tape. After I paint, I sand and then I antiqued. You can antique with paint, wax, coffee, shoe polish or what ever you have. I use a antiquing medium that I mixed with brown paint. You brush it on and wipe it off. When its dry I sprayed with a matte sealer. Its a nice way to give a old scale a new look and purpose. I added to my Americana pages.


That turned out great !
Lisa said…
WOW - That looks GREAT!!
Leslie said…
Cool! I really like that :)

Anonymous said…
Love how the old scale turned out!It looks great!
You always think of the funnest things to paint on. And of course I love the flag! :0)

Liz said…
How lovely and a wonderful illustration. It really came out wonderful

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