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I Love Americana and I love painting flags on anything from baseballs to babyshoes. I just added these handpainted Americana Toddler Shoes. Stop by my Americana catagory to take a peek.


Rhonda said…
These are ADORABLE!!!! You have such great ideas and are SO talented. It's a God given talent and you are using it...you go girl!!!!
Cindy B said…
Love them ! These would look cute sitting on the back of a grapevine/floral decorated child's trike( where child stands) for a 4th July display...Hmmm....I may just have to try this for my front porch this summer!
Anonymous said…
I love these baby shoes!!! How cute are they? I thought the plain oh scuffed shoes were cute, but these take the cake.

Janice In Missouri

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