Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Hanging up to dry.
Finally some clothes.
Me in my bloomers.

Today I'm working on dressing my raggedies. Well at least one of them. I make the whole doll first minsus her hair then I will coffee dye her all at once clothes and all. When dry I'll add her hair. If you add her hair first depending on what I use it could bleed. Thats a whole nother mess. All you can do at that point is run her under hot water ring her out and re dye. I have even had floss bleed. I try to remember hair last but sometimes I get ahead of myself. I need to remember my own advise.


Merrie. said…
She looks so perfect; I love the tip about hair color running; sounds like you have a lot of experience in things that make you crazy when creating; I do too; I would sure rather learn from others mistakes! LOL! you have so many beautiful items! I wish I could visit your store in person!

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