Whatcha Working On Thursday

I missed Whatcha Working On Wednesday. Sorry today is my first day here at the shop all week. Today my girlfriends are getting their faces. As you can see in the pictures I use a blue marker, when I wet the fabric the blue will fade away. I trace everything right off of the pattern. I only use it as a guide. As you can see her mouth is too low, so I just started stitching alittle further up. I use crochet cotton for this. I like it better than floss, it doesn't seperate and its easier to keep the tension even.

I'm also working on Flower Head. I did good over Thanksgiving, I got alot of stuffing done. I love her she's one of my favorites. I think I'll paint her first then while she's drying I can work on raggedies clothes. She has flowers and a crow that I have to paint along with her arms and legs. Its nice to have a few things to work on at a time so while one thing is drying you can be doing something else. A watched doll never dries.


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