Using My Walnut Ink Crystals

I forgot how much I like to make stitcheries. I was able to get this one done while I watched the Broncos lose their last game of the season on Sunday. No playoffs for us. I thought I'd better try the walnut ink crystals on something small. I bought them to use on my newest girlfriend, hint she's a bunny. More on her later. So far I'm not impressed with the crystals. To me it looks like using Ritz tan dye, very even in the color. I'll wait to judge until dry. I hope some magic happens if not its back to coffee for me.


I'm sorry you dont like the walnut crystals, I spray it on my stitcheries then ring it out and maybe even rinse some out to give a more uneven look. Hope that helps.
Doda said…
I love the cushion!

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