Just Added

This girlfriend I added to my Etsy.
I love Etsy its a great place to shop for everything handmade.

What's up with my hair?
Its funny how the girlfriends take on a personality all their own.

The last two girlfriends I added my Raggedies catagory. Please stop by for a peak they love company. The forth girlfriend you don't see in the pictures was one lucky girl she already found a home. If you ever see me working on something and you think you might want it just let me know and I'll put your name on it.

Here's my pillow I showed you in the last post. I used walnut ink crystals to dye. I don't see what all the fuss is about. I'm not impressed with the crystals. I think it looks just like it would have if I'd used Ritz tan dye. And Ritz is way cheaper. I could be missing the boat. I'll try to use them again later on until then its back to coffee for me. Stop by my Assorted page to take a closer look.

All the best in 2009.


Oh my gosh, you just brought me back to memory lane with those pictures of your raggety Ann's!!

I just love your blog and hope you can check out mine too!

Leslie said…
They are all so very adorable! Love them!


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